1927 Integrale Warszawa, Spad 61

Producer (type)Integrale, Poland
Propeller No.1622, Typ R R-1
Production Date1927
Diameter265 indicated
EngineLorraine – Dietrich
Country of OriginPoland
Used on Spad 61


About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Włodzimierz Szomański’s factory Inegrale, Warsaw. In private. both decals: “Integrale Warszawa” and “Tonkilaque Varsowie” in almost perfect shape. Also Tonkilaque coating isalmost perfectly preserved.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 11 ash plies. The outboard leading edge of approx. 770 mm (measured along diameter) has aluminum sheathing. The propeller is covered by black laque.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was used with SPAD 61. Engine: 12-piston, in-line engine Lorraine – Dietrich 12 Eb of cubic capacity 24,4l.

Propeller with a story behind. The propeller was preserved thanks to Zenon Szymczyk, subsequently his family.

Zenon Szymczyk (22.12.1913 – 19??)

Zenon Szymczyk

Short biography of Zenon Szymczyk.

Born in year 1913 in (pending)


1. Biography Source: Family documents


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