We would like to thank the following persons and institutions:
1. Museum of Polish Aviation in Kraków and specially Museum Director Mr. Krzysztof Radwan, and Mr. Piotr Łopalewski, Mr. Mateusz Tułodziecki for making available the collection of museum library.
2. Museum of Technology in Warsaw: Director Mr. Edward Malak, Mrs. Krystyna Twardowska, Mr. Marcin Grzymkowski for making available the collection of propellers.
3. Mr. Andrzej Glass for his valuable remarks and help to establish contacts.
4. Jeżów Glider Works and Mr. Henryk Mynarski for cooperation.
5. Mr. Stanisław Błasiak from Jeżów for his support.
6. Mr. Bob Gardner for inspiration and providing support.
7. Mr. Pierre-Michel Decombeix for comprehensive support concerning French propellers.
8. All persons who sent photos, drawings and information concerning propellers. The names can be found with the corresponding posts.

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