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Dear guest! Thank you very much for visiting our website. The website is a direct result of our hobby and is run on the hobby basis. We will highly appreciate any comments (however, please just bear in mind that the site is still under construction).

Our goal is to present the history of propellers manufactured in Poland, used by polish aviation, and foreign aviation forces flying over Polish lands as well. Gradually we will add information about other propellers, not directly related to Polish history.

During last couple of years we managed to collect plenty of information, propeller dimensions, pictures, etc. We also managed to reproduce some decals, hub plates and we will be glad to share our experience with you.

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If you are a lucky owner of a propeller, you would like to share your knowledge, pictures or ask a question concerning propellers, you are welcome to contact us:



Ryszard Wróbel

Maciej Peikert