1934 Szomański Skoda-Wright Whirlwind 220 HP

Producer (type)Szomański, Poland
Propeller No.5587
Production Date1934
EngineSkoda-Wright J5Ab Whirlwind
Country of Origin
Used on

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by factory owned by Szomański in Warsaw. Propeller is in private collection. Manufactured in June 1934 and has serial No 5587. Characteristic shape indicates that it is Szomański-Hamilton 658 propeller.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of nine ash plies. Diameter of propeller is 270 cm, pitch marking is illegible. The propeller has metal sheathing on leading edge. The propeller is covered with black Tonkilaque lacquer. On propeller the decals with Szomański and Tonkilaque logos are not present.

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was intended for nine-cylinder Skoda-Wright J5Ab Whirlwind engine. The engine having 12,9 L capacity was rated at 220 hp at 1800 rpm. This engine was powering reconnaissance aircraft such as Lublin R-XIII.


1. Andrzej Glass: “Lublin R XIII”

Samolot Lublin R-XIII ze śmigłem Szomański-Hamilton 658Lublin R-XIII aircraft with Szomański-Hamilton 658 propeller

Lublin R-XIII aircraft with Szomański-Hamilton 658 propeller

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